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Switch Up Your Routine with These 4 Indoor Winter Workouts for Men

Switch Up Your Routine with These 4 Indoor Winter Workouts for Men

November 22, 2022

People often find themselves falling into a rut with their workout routines during the winter months. It’s harder to get out of bed in the morning, temperatures stay just above freezing during the day, and the sun sets before you even get back from work.

Switching up your workouts is one way to get yourself out of the winter blues. Especially when it gets so cold outside, these indoor workouts will likely prove a welcome break from any outdoor activity.

Here’s a list of four indoor winter workouts for men that help you escape the cold and mix up your current routine.

4 Indoor Workouts for Men to Excite Your Winter Routine

These ideas are sure to jumpstart your search for a new winter routine. You can also modify the exercises depending on the extent of your home gym setup.

1. Switch Up Your Cardio  

When you need to burn off some extra calories (or steam), taking your workout indoors is the perfect way to get your heart rate up during the winter. You can do plenty of exercises on a machine from the comfort of your home, such as running on a treadmill, spinning on a stationary bike, or taking a ride on the elliptical.

Don’t have access to a gym or home workout equipment? Then consider a no-equipment cardio workout that includes jumping jacks, burpees, and squats. You can create your own routine to get the blood pumping.

man planking at home

2. Go for an Indoor Swim

If you have access to an indoor pool, swimming laps are a great full-body workout for the wintertime.

There are also plenty of workouts to do inside a pool, such as running or walking from one end to the other. The pressure of the water acts as resistance in the same way ankle weights would while walking the track.

If you enjoy working out in a group setting, consider trying a group fitness class if your pool offers it.

man underwater swimming

3. Follow along to an Online Workout Video  

A quick YouTube search yields thousands of options for workout videos you can complete at home, with some of the most popular workouts not requiring any equipment at all.

Many of these workouts fall between the 10-30 minute mark, and most offer a complete body circuit that would give your hour at the gym a run for its money. You can even combine a few different videos to create a customized workout plan for yourself.

man doing workout on tv at home

4. Get Friends Together for Indoor Sports

Doing indoor sports is a great way to spend time with friends and work out. Having the accountability of a group can also make it easier to stay consistent with your routine. Plus, you’re bound to share some laughs along the way. Consider taking a sport you and your friends already know, like soccer, and bringing it inside, or get adventurous and try something you’ve never done before. It’ll be a great bonding experience for the group to have fun and be active together.

team workout out together

Final Thoughts on Indoor Winter Workouts for Men

Working out indoors during the winter doesn’t have to be less effective than any other types of workout during the year. With the right mindset and plan, you might even find that you prefer the at-home winter workouts. It’s the perfect time to get creative and try something new.

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