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Mdrive start morning protein shake and shaker bottle

World's Best Morning Protein Shake

December 01, 2020

Mdrive Start. The nutrition with protein that hockey legend Jeremy Roenick trusts every day.

Aging is inevitable. And we are guys just like you, who refuse to get old and are in constant pursuit of ways to live better, longer.

Then life gets busy and takes over. Staying healthy and getting your proper nutrition becomes a daily struggle, it’s overly complicated, and often expensive. It seems like every day we hear about some vitamin, mineral, or new herb we should now be getting X mg's of daily. It can be overwhelming keeping up with it all.

Rather than struggling to keep up to date on nutritional studies or remembering to take different supplements each morning, we simplified it for you with Mdrive Start.

One Scoop. Every Day.

Mdrive Start combines an industry best 7 clinically tested ingredients, 6 premium sources of protein, and multivitamin blend into a delicious chocolate mousse flavored daily supplement. Mdrive Start gives you the advantage you need to refind your prime. Age doesn’t stand a chance.

Former All-Star NHL player Jeremy Roenick, doesn’t let age beat him. "Mdrive has given me confidence. You're gonna have more fun, your work outs are gonna be better. For me, 50 is the new 30 and I'm looking to make it to a 100."

9 Different Supplements VS 1 Scoop

It’s more than just a protein powder. Mdrive Start is packed with protein, vitamins, minerals and digestive enzymes that would normally cost you $196.20 in 9 different supplements. If you join our subscribe and save program you get Mdrive Start for $59.99.

The choice is simple. One Scoop. Every Day.


Mdrive Start Ingredients vs. Individual Products

Whey protein (it’s really a unique type of whey called Native Whey Protein Isolate)

This is the heart of the product. Protein is an important element in your everyday diet. It is an essential building block for muscle, bone and tissues. If you exercise, you need protein to build and repair muscle damage. And as you age, you lose muscle mass and really need protein to help counter that loss. Most research shows that whey protein is the preferred form of protein, especially for body-builders. It is a complete, high-quality protein, containing all 9 essential amino acids. Whey protein is also a fast-digesting protein.

The protein in Mdrive Start is not your everyday whey protein. Mdrive Start contains a unique whey protein isolate that is extracted from milk using a cold filtration method. The milk is collected from dairy farms that use high-quality farming practices and never uses artificial growth hormones. Why is this so important? Well, this filtration method preserves the whole protein (95% pure protein) while reducing other residues that may be found in proteins made from a harsh processing method. Also, our native whey protein contains up to 17% more leucine. Leucine is an essential amino acid which is the most abundant of the BCAAs or branched chain amino acids in muscles. BCAAs are three amino acids (leucine, isoleucine and valine) essential to muscle growth. Increasing blood levels of leucine is key to building muscle.

As far as clinical studies on this unique whey isolate, there are several showing its efficient digestibility and absorption, its ability to increase muscle power and reduce muscle fatigue and several studies in older men showing increased muscle protein synthesis and recovery.

Other Native Whey Protein Product – up to $38.10 for 30 servings

Vegetable Proteins

Vegetable proteins have a slower digestibility and absorption profile for a more sustained protein release. It is good to have fast and slower release proteins in a product. The mix of the 4 vegetable sources in Mdrive Start makes a complete protein.

Other Vegetable Protein Product – up to $14.70 for 30 servings

Hydrolyzed Collagen

Stay strong. Look good. Support healthy hair and skin with our hydrolyzed collagen protein. As we age, we become less efficient at naturally producing collagen, a vital protein that also supports strength and elasticity in our connective tissue, ligaments, and bones.

Other Hydrolyzed Protein Product – up to $30.00 for 30 servings


With today’s fast-paced lifestyle and the wide range of processed foods on the market, we may not be getting the daily-recommended amounts of vitamins and minerals from our diets. The multivitamins in Mdrive Start help to supplement our daily nutrition and fill in those nutritional gaps.

Other Multivitamin Product – up to $8.70 for 30 servings


Adaptogens are really gaining popularity today for their stress-busting properties. Mdrive Start contains KSM-66 ashwagandha, one of the most-studied adaptogens in the world. KSM-66 has numerous clinical studies showing its ability to help the body manage stress, to support healthy testosterone and cortisol levels and benefit cognitive function. It also has studies showing its effects on cardiorespiratory endurance, muscle strength and recovery.

Other Adaptogen Product – up to $9.90 for 30 servings

Energizing Supplements

Driven men start early and need to perform all day. Mdrive Start has two energy ingredients: zumXR is an extended-release caffeine and EnXtra is a plant extract shown to improve mental alertness, and together with caffeine provides a more sustained energy profile. This should keep you going longer than that cup of coffee, and without the jitters or crash.

Other Energy Product or a daily Cup of Coffee – up to $69.00 for 30 servings

Nitric Oxide Boosting

By relaxing the inner muscles of the blood vessels and causing the vessels to widen, nitric oxide increases blood flow to the muscles. Mdrive Start contains a mix of seven plant-based extracts called S7, which have been shown in a clinical study to increase circulating nitric oxide in the body by over 200%.

Other Nitric Oxide Product – up to $13.20 for 30 servings

Lean Body Mass

Staying lean gets increasingly difficult with age. Mdrive Start contains Chromax, which has several clinical studies showing that it supports body fat reduction while preserving lean body mass with diet and exercise.

Other Lean Muscle Product – up to $6.00 for 30 servings


We may eat lots of good foods and take some great dietary supplements but maintaining a healthy digestive system is key to enjoying the benefits. Mdrive Start has a blend of digestive enzymes to help with proper food digestion and absorption.

Other Digestion Product – up to $6.60 for 30 servings

Start With Start

If you want a clean and unique protein blend, multivitamins, sustained energy, stress relief, a NO2 boost, help with lean muscle and some digestive enzymes, this is the product for you. Not to mention it mixes smooth and tastes delicious (unlike that protein on your shelf gathering dust because it tastes like sand paper.) Whether you are a retired NHL legend or are just trying to get an edge on Karl from accounting in next weeks city league game, Mdrive Start was made for you.



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