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5 Ways To Create a Meditation Routine & Stick To It

5 Ways To Create a Meditation Routine & Stick To It

June 02, 2022

Life is full of wonder, joy, and…stress. Whether it’s from your busy work life, kids, or finances, stressing out is not only bad for your health but can leave you in a foul mood. How can you break this stress cycle? By developing a healthy meditation routine—and sticking to it.

But what is meditation, and how can you use it to better your well-being? Meditation is a general term for practices of mindfulness that involve focusing on an object, thought, or activity to reach an emotionally calm and mentally clear state.

Unfortunately, many people struggle to find time in the day or quiet enough space to meditate. All that backed-up stress is bound to erupt if you don’t get some relief.

Take a deep breath, hold it, and exhale. Now that you’re in the right mindset—let’s go over some ways to develop and stick to a meditation routine.

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5 Tips for Creating a Meditation Routine That Works for You

man meditating in living room

1) Finding a Style That Suits You

Ultimately, you want to meditate daily. But it’s a bit unrealistic to think you’ll be able to do that right away. Just like weightlifting or endurance training, it’s best to start small and find things that work for you. Some people find yoga and stretching work while others prefer a quiet room and their thoughts. Whatever you decide on, try starting with just 10 mins and building your way up from there. Don’t be afraid to explore other techniques or times of day, such as a morning meditation routine. You never know what may work best for you until you try.

Popular types of meditation include:

  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Spiritual meditation
  • Guided meditation
  • Unguided meditation
  • Movement meditation (like yoga)

yoga group doing poses

2) Creating a Meditation Space

To fully immerse yourself in meditation, you need to be in the right headspace and physical space. Imagine you’re a tea kettle full of water. The flame under you represents all your life’s stressors. As steam (stress) builds, the kettle screams until it’s moved. Once removed from the flame, the steam settles and the kettle goes quiet. The same goes for meditation. Remove yourself from the environment that causes stress, and make that your meditation space. It could be an empty room in your house, your own bed, or even somewhere in nature. The point is to find a space that is conducive to meditation.

3) Scheduling Time

Are you the type of person who lives by a schedule? Then setting a small portion of the day to meditate should be a cinch. But for the rest of you who live a bit more chaotic, developing a meditation schedule can be relieving and help you navigate the rest of your day smoothly. Meditation can help you prioritize tasks and feel more confident about tackling them.

4) Make It Part of Your Daily Activities

Between kids, work, and other duties, there seems not to be enough time in the day. So make meditation a part of your daily routines. Some activities, like driving and showering, can be done without much thought. This allows you to squeeze in some meditation time while performing simple tasks. It also helps you build a routine since you’ll already be doing them.

5) Join a Group

Although much of meditation is about self-reflection—nowhere does it say you have to do it alone. Group meditation can help you feel a part of something bigger. And since most group meditation classes are scheduled out, joining one can help ensure you stick to it. You may even find extra relief talking with others who may be experiencing similar stressors in their life.

man relaxing on back with hands behind head

Supplements For Stress

Meditation can help you with stress, but for an extra dose of relief—think about adding a supplement.

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