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How Long Will It Take To See Results?

August 25, 2020

I just bought this supplement with some really great claims, how long will it take to see results?


This is a question that we are asked all the time. And for good reason. If you take a supplement at the recommended dosage every day you expect to feel and even see some kind of change for the better. Remember, these supplements need to be taken every day or you will not see results. Let’s look at what else can help us set a reasonable expectation of when we can feel results.

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What Affects Supplement Results?

There are many factors to consider when answering this question. First of all, let’s start by understanding that dietary supplements are meant for healthy people to “supplement” their daily diets. They nourish the body and work best when you are also eating a balanced diet and following a regular exercise regimen. They are not drugs meant to heal a sick person. Even some drugs, take antibiotics, for example, don’t work immediately and need to be taken for a week or more before they make you feel better.  

Our Mdrive products are made up of custom-compounded formulas containing some vitamins and minerals, like Vitamin B12, D, and zinc; powerful ingredients like DHEA, Chromax, and caffeine; as well as adaptogens and other herbal extracts, like ashwagandha and cordyceps.

Vitamins and Minerals

When examining the literature on how long it would take for someone to feel different when taking vitamins and minerals the consensus seems to be at least four weeks and probably six to eight weeks is optimal. Remember too, that each person will have a different result depending on how deficient their body is in a certain nutrient. The more deficient, the faster you will probably see results.  This could be more energy or more radiant skin or something even more subtle.

Adaptogens and Powerful Botanicals

This is really the powerhouse of our Mdrive products. Each Mdrive supplement has a mix of adaptogens and other supporting herbal ingredients. Using actual data from numerous clinical studies we can get an idea of how long it takes to feel and see results.

Adaptogens and other powerful botanicals

Let’s start with KSM-66 (ashwagandha), our star adaptogen ingredient. There are so many great quality clinical studies with KSM-66 that it’s hard to know where to start. First, a simple refresher on what an adaptogen is. An adaptogen is a natural herb that is non-toxic to the body and regulates stress by helping the body adapt to it, thereby benefiting overall well-being.  By doing this, many aspects of everyday life improve from better sleep to more strength and cardiorespiratory function. But this will not happen overnight. These are natural ingredients that need to be taken regularly and take time to work in sync with your body.


Here are some highlights from clinical studies of the benefits of KSM66 and how long before they were felt.

  • Stress-relieving studies (there were at least three) were conducted with significant results seen at 8 weeks.
  • Studies including testosterone boosting, strength and muscle increases, Vo2 max improvements, and mental and physical energy increases were seen after 8 weeks.
  • Memory and cognition studies showed improvements in 8 weeks.
  • A sleep study in older patients was conducted with positive results in 12 weeks.

Therefore, we are looking at feeling results within 8 to 12 weeks. Some of these studies showed results in 4 to 6 weeks but it really took 8 weeks to be significant.

Other studies with the herbal extracts, Cordyceps, American Ginseng, and Tongkat Ali, on energy, cognition, and strength showed results in 4 to 8 weeks. And several Rhodiola (in Mdrive Relax) studies showed great calming results in about two weeks.

I think that the effect of our products on how the body handles stress will be one of the first things you may notice. But it will take several weeks. Then the other benefits talked about above will gradually become apparent.


Effective Supporting Ingredients

Looking for quick energy, notice that some of our products (Mdrive Boost & Burn and Mdrive Start) contain caffeine and I’m sure we are all aware that depending on your body chemistry you should feel the energy boost within a couple of hours. Caffeine works on the body in a very drug-like manner so it has almost immediate results. Another ingredient that can support caffeine or can be used alone is EnXtra (in Mdrive Start). It is an herbal extract that showed an increase in mental alertness in as short a time as one hour and a follow-up clinical shows that over 12 weeks, mental alertness was maintained without disturbing sleep.

Looking at results for weight management, Mdrive Boost & Burn has the thermogenic, AdvantraZ (a bitter orange extract). It works by exerting its benefits on multiple biochemical reactions in the body helping the body increase its metabolic rate and breakdown fats. These studies were conducted over 6 to 12 weeks before there was measurable weight loss. We also have Chromax (chromium picolinate) in many of our products. Chromax showed body composition improvements is a 72-day study.

How about joint care? Mdrive has two great ingredients with clinical studies, UCII (a chicken cartilage extract) in Mdrive Joint and Flexwellia (an herbal extract) in Mdrive Classic. UCII showed improved knee joint health after 120-days and Flexwellia showed joint improvement after 90 days.

how long does it take to see results from supplements

How Long Does It Take For Supplements To Work?

Let's get back to the original question of how long to see results. Assuming that you take your supplement every day as directed, you eat well and exercise regularly, you should start seeing beneficial results within 8 weeks after starting to take one of our Mdrive supplements. You may notice more energy or more stress relief sooner though. And remember if you stop taking the supplement those results will probably diminish and eventually disappear. 


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