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Vitamin B12 Benefits For Men (Top 7)

cecile kehoe chief science officer

By Cecile Kehoe
Chief Scientific Officer
Chemist previously with Pepsi Cola
and The Wrigley Company


  • B12 is one of the best vitamins for as they age.
  • Signs you're lacking B12: pins & needles feeling, blurred vision, irritability, & cognitive difficulties.
  • Benefits of B12 for men: energy, improved sleep, nervous system support, enhanced mood, better skin and hair, cardiovascular support and brain health benefits.
  • For $0.59 a day you can get your B12 plus other vitamins in this multi formulated specifically for men.


What Can Vitamin B12 Do For Men?

One of the factors in maintaining your health and well-being depends on the quality fuel you supply to your body. This is true at any age, but especially vital as you reach middle age and beyond.

And for men who want to stay on top of their game, whether at work or play, a key nutrient for optimal functioning of your body and mind, is vitamin B12. This essential vitamin can help you stay sharp and fit as you age, providing you with the energy you need to stay driven. Read on to learn more about vitamin B12 for men over 40.

The best vitamin for men over 40 is B12. As someone who doesn't want to just be in the game, but wants to crush it, you probably do your best to take care of yourself by eating right and exercising. That's great! But unfortunately, that may not be enough for you to achieve levels of peak performance and strength. Don't worry; you're not alone. Many Americans don't get all that they need from their diets either. 

Cyanobalamin vs Methylcobalamin

Before we get started, you may hear terms like cyanobalmin and methylcobalmin. Long story short cyanocobalamin is a synthetic form of b12 while methylcobalamin is found in nature. Both forms are acceptable and effective. You can consume foods high in methylcobalamin like fish, milk and eggs. Now let's check out the benefits of B12 for men below.

What Are the Symptoms of Lacking B12?

Symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency can include:

  • pins and needles feeling
  • blurred vision
  • cognitive difficulties
  • irritability

Also diets low in vitamin B12, as well as other essentials like iron, folate and copper increase the risk of anemia: Symptoms of anemia are:

  • lack of energy
  • feeling faint
  • pale skin
  • heart palpitations
  • loss of appetite and weight loss

Vitamin B12 Benefits For Men


infographic of 7 benefits of b12 for men over 40

Because B12 is integral to so many bodily processes, not getting enough of it could have serious impacts on your health, from brain function to your energy level. In turn, these adverse effects could interfere with your relationships, daytime functioning, as well as your sexual drive. So, what are some benefits of B12 for men over 40?

Facilitates Energy Production

Central to the process that turns nutrients into sugar, which your body uses as energy.

Helps Various Brain Functions

Provides memory, concentration, and focus support.

Enhances Mood

Involved in creating the key chemicals, dopamine, and serotonin, that are responsible for boosting your mood.

Improves skin and hair health

Due to its role in cell reproduction, B12 keeps your skin and hair looking healthy.

Helps Regulate Nervous System Function

Assists in the maintenance of myelin, the sheath that insulates your nerves, which helps to increase signals from your brain to your muscles.

Cardiovascular Support

Helps maintain a healthy heart function by decreasing homocysteine levels in your blood and enables your body to make red blood cells, which aids in oxygen being carried throughout your body.

Improves Sleep

Benefits the regulation of your circadian rhythm by improving melatonin levels.

    man drinking coffee outside

    From keeping you looking younger and fresher, giving you energy, and boosting your mood, vitamin B12 is critical for maintaining your edge in all areas of your life. For your career, interpersonal relationships, working out and maintaining general health, B12 compliments the way you live. As you age, taking Vitamin B12 supplements is a good idea for many men.

    If the benefits above weren't enough reason to incorporate B12 into your routine, research shows that being deficient in vitamin B12 may lead to psychiatric disorders. Scientists are not yet sure why this is, but they suspect that low levels of B12 may prevent the brain from establishing critical neural connections.

    How Aging Affects Vitamin B12 Levels

    man looking in mirror

    Aging is a natural part of life. But there are some negative aspects of the aging process that can be diminished or rectified. For example, as people age, the stomach lining becomes thinner, and stomach acid levels decrease, making B12 more difficult to absorb. But through supplementation, those who are older or have issues with absorption can safely meet their needs for this vitamin. And research has linked higher levels of B12 to healthier brain aging! If you are a male over the age of 40, don't let aging stop you from being driven. Supplement Vitamin B12 for Men over 40.

    Mdrive Supplements with B12 Support

    Because Mdrive understands the important relationship B12 has in promoting health and vigor in men, we offer a line of supplements that contain Vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin). This is the form of B12 found in food, which is more easily absorbed and retained in the body.

    Getting older shouldn't mean that you lose your edge. At every stage of your life, you have the power to make decisions that can enhance or diminish your life. Choosing to make B12 a part of what you do to refine your performance and enrich your health is what makes you driven. Give us a call (1-888-300-9181) or contact us to learn more about how our products containing B12 can help you.


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