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10 Detox Foods That Cleanse Your Body Naturally

March 03, 2021 1 Comment

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A Different Kind Of Detox

Detoxing is part of a healthy lifestyle. It cleanses your digestive system and allows for optimal homeostasis. Ridding the body of toxins helps clean signals transmit from your brain to your body. When you the words "detox" or "cleanse," you might picture a kit with pills and powder, or days of restricted eating and hunger pangs. This is not always the case.

The most powerful detox, when done right, comes from a healthy diet of fresh, whole foods like antioxidant-packed greens and fruits. Certain foods with naturally detoxifying qualities can help your body rid itself of toxins. Read on to explore some detox foods that will help cleanse your body naturally, and learn how you can add them into your daily routine!

How Detox Foods Work

First, let's discuss how your body's detox process actually works. Generally, when we talk about detoxing we simply mean ridding your body of toxins, and repairing damage. Your body stores toxins in a wide range of ways, and having an efficient digestive system will help routinely cleanse your body of these toxins. The main issues we like to focus on at Lifestyle Athlete when considering detoxification are: reducing inflammation in the gut, expelling heavy metals, and repairing damage from oxidative stress.

When you introduce a detox food, it's similar to applying a healing ointment to soothe damaged skin, or calming an inflamed injury. When you chew and swallow your food your body starts breaking it down into usable properties (the "ointment") which then enters your bloodstream. Your blood then carries it to the affected area and the healing begins!

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An important note to remember is that the process begins with chewing. The better you chew, the better your body can absorb the properties needed to produce strong enough “ointment.” We always preach the idea of bio individuality. This means one person’s food is another person’s poison. Specifically, one food on this list will not solve everyone’s detox issues. Find the food on this list that works for you.

Foods That Detox Your Body

Now on to the good stuff, nature's medicine! Below is a list of 10 foods that help detoxify the body, how they help you cleanse, and how you can start incorporating them into your lifestyle today!



Blueberries are pound for pound the antioxidant champ. Antioxidants help repair the damage your body takes caused by oxidative stress, as well as detoxifies your body of heavy metals. Try adding some blueberries to your morning smoothies or adding them to some good yogurt!


Cabbage is a cruciferous vegetable. It carries antioxidants that help assist the detoxifying function of the liver. It is also a great addition for anyone who is trying to lose weight. The best way to use cabbage is mix it into a garden salad with your favorite dressing, or add it to soup!


Ginger is a great addition to your immune system. High in antioxidants, ginger is great for helping relieve gas pain, and can help improve your digestion. Try adding a slice to some veggie juice or smoothie!


Lemon is packed with vitamin C. Vitamin C is great for combating free radicals and keeps you from getting sick. Squeeze a slice of lemon into 8 ounces of water to start your day. This can help with your body’s PH balance. When your body is less acidic it's harder for bad things to grow!



Spirulina is algae that helps protect our brains from oxidative stress as well as helps manage internal inflammation. The best way to take Spirulina is in a smoothie or juice. If you are looking for an amazing option to add spirulina into your daily diet visit Lifestyle Athlete. We have a powder blend that you can mix as a tea or into a face mask and use as a topical beauty product.


Asparagus can help protect your liver cells from toxins, cleans your bladder and kidney, and is a natural diuretic. Asparagus goes great inside a good stir-fry or just put them on a pan, add some avocado oil (also detoxifying) and seasoning, then bake them in a 400 degree oven for 25 minutes which should produce crisp yet tender spears.


Garlic is another great addition to your immune system. It not only detoxifies, it’s also antibacterial and antiviral! You can add garlic to almost anything. Our favorite thing to do is put it on everything. Well….almost everything because garlic makes food taste great. You get the idea. We use garlic in some form in almost every recipe that we make.


Broccoli contains great dietary fiber that helps prevent constipation. Regularity is important, because if you are not eliminating, you are not detoxing. Broccoli also contains properties that help protect you from colon cancer.

Whole Oats

Whole oats are great for your gut health. They have soluble and insoluble fiber which helps feed the good bacteria in our gut. This is important because it helps us stay regular. Try making a bowl of unsweetened oatmeal and add some almond butter and fresh fruit!



Artichokes are great for your liver. It has properties that help your digestion and blood, and as an added bonus, helps manage your weight. Add some artichoke hearts to your next salad!
We would like you all to remember that eating these foods are one thing, but staying away from the foods and chemicals that counter the effects of the “detox foods,” makes it all work better and faster. The main thing that you should try to limit as much as possible is refined flour and sugar. Both of these are known to cause harmful health problems. 
Until next time!

The Lifestyle Athlete Team
-Mdrive Nutrition Coaches

"Train like an athlete, heal like a hippie, always trust your gut"

Lifestyle Athlete

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