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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Men Mdrive water bottle and supplements

Valentine's Gifts For Him

February 10, 2020

Valentine's Day is upon us, and if you are anything like me, you are scrambling to find the perfect gift for your significant other. The guys around the office and I put together this list to make your life easier; here are a few of our favorite Valentine's Day gifts for men! 

Pro-tip for the guys reading: forward this to your significant other 😉

Mdrive's Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Him

1. Mdrive / / Boost & Burn 

Mdrive Boost & Burn


Is your man constantly stressed, tired, and irritable? When I hit 30, I didn’t feel like superman anymore.  With a slowing metabolism and stressful job, this supplement helped bring back much-needed balance both physically and mentally. Mdrive, combined with weights and cardio, helped me be myself again. 60-day money back guarantee if they don’t love it.

$50 //





2. Allbirds / / Wool Runner shoes

Allbirds Wool Runner Shoes

“The world's most comfortable shoes for life’s everyday adventures.” Fact Check: True!  I have two pairs and have converted every one of my friends into believers. Soft, washable, and remarkably cool. 30-day no questions asked guarantee.

$95 //


3. Bylt / / Drop-Cut Lux shirt

ByItBasics Drop-Cut Shirt


“Cool touch, high-cotton LUX Blend fabric.” Two words: athletic and elegant. I love these shirts and get complimented on them 100% of the time when I wear them.

$29 //






4. Gerber / / Knife

Gerber Knife

Anything from Gerber is quality, and nothing makes a guy feel more manly than that moment someone asks “Does anyone have a knife?” and he heroically pulls out his Gerber to save the day. Or use it to simply open Christmas gifts =D

$24+ //




5. Travis Mathew / / Hat

Travis Mathew Hats


Careful on this one -- once you introduce him to Travis Mathew Hats, he will soon have a collection! Comfortable and stylish.

$32 //







6. Fujifilm Instax Mini / / Instant Camera


Let's be honest, this may be one of those gifts you buy for him and steal immediately. For the longest time, instant film was nearly inaccessible due to its incredibly high cost. This camera looks cool and costs much less for the unit and film.

$112 //




7. Steelie by Nite Ize / / Cell Phone Magnetic Mounting Kit 

Steelie by Nite Ize


I was given mine as a gift years ago, and now I can't live without it. “The world’s greatest mobile device holder” is the truth. You can bring this version into any car, and the magnet that attaches to your phone is incredibly strong.

$25+ //



8. Lululemon / / ABC Pants

LuluLemon ABC Pant


As Lulu says “ABC (anti-ball crushing) engineering gives you and the family jewels room to breathe.” I was hesitant to pay $128 for a pair of pants, but these are so comfortable I would never go back to my old pants again.

$128 //







9. Jord / / Wood Conway Chronograph Watch

JORD Wood Conway Chronograph Watch


This is absolutely my favorite watch, and I cannot go anywhere without someone complimenting it. I’m probably not even cool enough to wear this versatile men’s time piece, but thank you Jord for graciously allowing me to do so.

$203 currently on sale






10. Chubbies / / The En Fuegos Swim Trunks

Chubbies En Fuego Swim Trunks


When your man shows up anywhere in a pair of Chubbies he will instantly become the center of the party. Fun, vibrant, and beyond comfortable. Bonus: buy yourself a matching pair, because girl you deserve it.

$64 //



11. Andar / / The Apollo Wallet

Andar The Apollo Wallet


Guys often don’t realize how old and run down things are until you replace said item for them. A wallet is a fine example and makes a perfect gift for Valentine's Day. Andar carries many sleek, stylish, and functional wallets for every guy.

$55 //




12. Mdrive / / Start 


This could potentially be my favorite way to start the day. Packed with protein and nutrients, you won't find a better protein powder. Not to mention immune support, energy, lean muscle, and so much more. Seriously, you can replace a cabinet full of supplements with just this one product. 

$59.99 //





13. Montblanc // Legend Cologne

Montblanc Legend Cologne


“The Montblanc Legend man is confident and charismatic—an effortlessly seductive man who lives his feelings.” My personal favorite cologne, a masculine, modern, and timeless scent.

$92 //





14. Ministry of Supply // High Tech Flexible Suit

Ministry of Supply Suit


“The look and feel of classic wool engineered for easy care and performance.” A high tech flexible suit for every occasion. What had me clicking “buy” on this suit? It's machine washable.

$680 //







15. Mdrive / / Hydration Flask 


Stay hydrated in style with the Mdrive Hydration flask. It'll keep drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours, making it a perfect gift for anytime of year and any climate. 

$29.99 //







Taylor J. Ford
Communications Manager

Taylor J. Ford - Mdrive Communications Manager


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