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Mdrive Brain

Nootropics Shake for Cognitive Health

Get In The Zone with this Amazing Nootropic Formula
Supports Brain Function, Memory & Cognitive Ability
Immune & Gut Health, which can help Mood & Motivation
• Supports Energy and Stamina with Cordyceps Extract
    Mdrive Brain Benefits

    Strengthen Your Mind
    Maintain your healthy state of mind. Mdrive Brain is built around Brain Factor-7, a natural peptide powder that supports brain function, memory preservation and cognitive ability. Fight back and perform at your mental best.

    No More Mental Haze
    Can’t think straight? Take advantage of EnXtra, a caffeine-free proprietary extract, to support mental focus and alertness. Clear your mind. Get more done. Feel good doing it.

    Unleash Your Mental Drive
    Support your brain health with Lion’s Mane, a powerful mushroom extract widely known for aiding mental clarity so you can stay sharp and take on the day.

    From Your Gut to Your Brain
    Support your gut health to improve your mental drive. Mdrive Brain includes Turkey Tail extract, a powerful adaptogen mushroom shown to support immune and digestive health, which helps your mood and motivation.

    Over-Engineered for Maximum Cognitive Support
    Mdrive Brain is packed with additional benefits to power your brain health. Cordyceps mushroom extract supports energy and stamina. BettaBerries antioxidant blend helps fight free radicals. We even added cocoa powder for an energy boost. Everything your mind needs. And more.

    Chocolate Berry Flavor
    Great tasting natural chocolate berry flavor: Not too strong, not too sweet, can be mixed into smoothies and drinks without creating flavor conflicts.

    60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
    Like all our products, Mdrive Brain is backed by our 60-day guarantee. Try it. You have nothing to lose.


    "It can be tough to stay sharp and in the zone as we get older. That’s why we made Mdrive Brain to fight back against the brain drain that can occur with normal aging. It’s chock-full of world class, powerful ingredients to boost brain function and help guys stay focused so they can perform at a higher mental capacity for longer."

    - Gary Kehoe, CEO and Inventor of Mdrive

    Mdrive inventor Gary Kehoe
    Mdrive ingredient Brain Factor-7 BF-7
    Mdrive ingredient BettaBerries
    Mdrive ingredient Turkey Tails
    Mdrive ingredient Lion's Mane
    Mdrive ingredient EnXtra

    Jonathon "Coop" Cooper. Lab Manager. Chemistry wiz from pharmaceuticals to natural supplements. Hardcore weightlifter. Guitar playing boss.

    Gary Kehoe. Founder. CEO. Innovator. Inventor of Zicam and countless other innovative products that improve quality of life. Competitive bad ass.

    Cecile Kehoe. Chief Scientific Officer. Chemist Extraordinaire from Pepsi Cola and The Wrigley Company. Yoga and dance enthusiast.

    Syau-Fu Ma, M.D. Clinical advisor. Board-certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist. Motorcycle globetrotter. Skier. Quilter.

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