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5 Natural Detox Tips for Men

5 Natural Detox Tips for Men

June 02, 2022

Active people can tell the difference between feeling fresh and energized versus being weighed down and lethargic. That feeling could be caused by toxins in your body. You can feel the balance of toxins in your sweat and in the way your body generates energy. To feel fresh again, you need to detox—which means purging your body of unwanted toxins.

Many people try detox diets and smoothie cleanses to detoxify their cells and digestive system for a cleaner, more energetic daily experience. While they can be helpful, it’s possible to get the same detoxing effects without going through a dietary change. You might just need to sweat it out.

Water and exercise (plus a few nuts and berries) are what your body already uses to cleanse itself. With a few intense days of hydration, exercise, and selective nutrition, you can learn how to detox your body from toxins without completely altering your diet. Use these helpful detox tips to get you started.


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1. More Water, Less Salt

Man on pier drinking from bottle of water

The number one tip for detoxifying your body of any kind of toxin is to drink water. Your body uses water to flush out toxins. It's pretty hard to over-hydrate, and your body will gladly start filtering all the residual toxins in your cells and liver directly into the urine.

To help your body out, cut back on salty foods. Salt helps your body retain water and other things. Cutting back on salt will help your cells let go of toxins they have been holding onto. With less salt in your system, your body will have an easier time cleansing itself.

2. Get Enough Sleep

Combine sleep with water and let your body do what it does. Did you know that when you are in deep sleep, your entire body swells up and goes through a repair cycle? Part of this maintenance cycle is flushing all that water through your cells. The reason you may wake up urgently to use the bathroom is that your body has accelerated the toxins-to-urine process.

Drink another glass of water and go back to sleep. Enough sleep with plenty of hydration can help accelerate your body's natural detox process.

3. Exercise Until You "Sweat Clear"

man in sweat drenched t-shirt resting with hands on hips during workout

One of the best ways to help detox your body is to exercise—hard. Cardio, weight training, and anything else that causes you to sweat is a plus because several toxins are excreted through your sweat. When you're hydrated and sweating, you can get rid of toxins just by exercising regularly.

Make a habit of working up a sweat. You may feel a little sticky or oily at first, but after a while, the sweat feels thinner and evaporates more cleanly. This is called sweating clear and is a sign that you've cleared some toxins that were lingering below the skin.

4. Run on Empty

Let your stomach go empty except for water once a day. Always having something in your digestive system can contribute to buildup and blockage. Letting your system run on empty helps achieve one full water flush before a big meal.

This is especially important since fat cells tend to hold toxins for a long time. It can be hard to flush some toxins until the fat cells are burned. Optimizing your day for fat burning can help cleanse very old toxins from your body that are suspended in lipid cells.

It’s not easy avoiding food for extended periods. That's why it may be easier to start your morning with just a couple of glasses of water. But if you want to train your body to run on empty, you could try intermittent fasting.

5. Add Micronutrients to Your Diet

bowl of nutrient dense foods

Macronutrients, like carbs, fats, and protein, provide energy and the building blocks for maintenance. But to detox your body, you need micronutrients—especially antioxidants and fiber. Micronutrients are the vitamins and minerals that are crucial for removing toxins from your body.

Mixed berries, nuts, and yogurt are the easiest ways to add a diversity of vitamins, minerals, pectins, natural fiber, and antioxidants to your diet.

Also, consider reducing your intake of processed protein, carbs, and frozen or canned prepared food. These tend to load on macronutrients, chemical colors, salt, and preservatives that are more likely to increase your toxin balance than decrease it.

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