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Workouts You Can Do With Your Kids

Workouts You Can Do With Your Kids

June 15, 2022

As a parent, the way you spend your time influences your children. They watch you try to master your work-life balance (which sometimes feels impossible). Not to mention how difficult it is to stay in shape while taking care of children. Fortunately, you can pair fitness with fatherhood easily by exercising with the kids.

Why go to the gym when you can do toddler lifts or race your child around the block? Exercising as a family can be fun and keep you in good shape. Here are some great workouts to do with your kids.

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Workouts for Kids of All Ages

parents performing yoga with their daughter

  • Stretching and Flexing
  • Cardio Dancing
  • Twist Competition

Children love to get active with their parents. An easy way to start is by stretching and flexing. Everyone, from toddlers to teens, can benefit from stretching. It's a good idea to begin daily stretching early in life.

Next, you can get goofy or work on your moves. Put on your favorite energetic music and dance up a sweat.

Not ready to bust a move? Challenge your kids to a twist competition. You might be surprised how much endurance it takes—and how much it works the love handles.

Workouts for Toddlers

  • Yoga Poses
  • Bear Crawls
  • Sports

Toddlers make for great exercise partners because they double as weights for at-home workouts. Yoga poses can be done beside a toddler or have them join in the stretch. The same is true of bear crawls, except you can also put your little ones on your back for a fun ride.

Kids at this age love learning as they play—so teach them a new sport. Whether you’re showing them how to throw and catch a ball, ride a bike, or how to swim, your kids will have a blast learning from you.

Workouts With Elementary and Middle-Schoolers

father playing one-on-one basketball with his son

  • Jumping Jacks, Jump Ropes, and Burpees
  • Headstands and Handstands
  • Squats and Lunges
  • Backyard Obstacle Course
  • Pool Relays
  • Short Running Routines

Have active, rambunctious, and capable kids at home? This is the best age for workouts together where everything is fun and your kids' energy is near infinite. Bust out your HIIT routines with diverse cardio, stretches, and low-intensity strength building.

Jump around with jumping jacks, jump ropes, and burpees. Get upside-down with headstands, handstands, and backbends. Flex and strengthen with squats and lunges or take short races up and down the street or around the backyard.

For the ultimate experience for you and your kids, build an obstacle course in the yard. It’ll be a challenge to create, but it’ll provide endless hours of fun and precious memories.

Workouts With Your Teens

Father playing catch with a football with his son

  • Running Routines
  • Sports Practice
  • Horse in the Driveway
  • Racket Games at the Gym
  • Pair Workouts at the Gym

By exercising with your teens, you’re helping introduce them to adult workout routines. This can be at the gym, or you can join them in practicing their sports. Ball drills are an easy way to start. Simply find a nearby court to practice.

You can also bring them to the gym to do weight routines side-by-side or run around the block.

For more contemplative teens, even an evening walk is healthy and beneficial for you both. It’s also an excellent opportunity for a daily talk.

The Rewards of Family Workouts

Exercising with your kids is a fun, easy, and great use of your busy schedule. You may even feel more motivated to work out when your kids join you because they're having so much fun.

Family exercise is a great tradition to build early and will set both you and your kids up for future years of good health and relationships.

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