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Stress: Don’t Let It Beat You or Beat You Up

Stress: Don’t Let It Beat You or Beat You Up

April 20, 2022

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Rick Baraff
Adventure Athlete

I must confess, it’s been a super difficult last few months. And I’ve literally manifested physical ailments due to STRESS. I’ve never had a bad neck (weak shoulders, ha, sure) but for a few weeks now, I can barely turn my head side to side. It’s been semi-frozen and incredibly tight thanks, or no thanks, to a wealth of stress I’m holding right there in the ol’ brain stem and neck muscles.

Not only are our three-year-old twins right in their best rampaging mode, and not only are we still worried about the pandemic and international affairs… but my wife is recovering from breast cancer. She’ll probably hate that I’m putting it out so publicly because we’re pretty private about this but I feel I must.

Health issues are an all-too-real part of many people’s lives. So if you’re holding in anything, or you’re going through something yourself, or your loved one is… let this be a reminder to do everything you can do combat the stress that is almost certainly involved.

Yes, I’m also a stubborn mule and have gone out running with my neck in its current state of rebellion — but for me, exercise IS part of my stress relief. Naturally, I would immediately stop if I felt that the act of running (very hard on the body, of course) was further injuring or harming me. But I’m able to recognize why my neck is seized — and it’s an emotional injury, not a physical one. So I’m able to tackle it with some physical activity — literally shake it loose again.

This brings me to the point of working to understand your body so that you can know what’s actually causing any pain, weakness, tiredness, or lack of focus. As an athlete, I’ve become very attuned to the ups and downs of my physical state. I know which foods make me feel good — and as someone who’s tried nearly every endurance supplement on the market — which Mdrive supplements (the best, or I truly would NOT be writing blogs for them!) work harmoniously with my systems to help me deal with the pretty heavy things going on.

If this even touches one person and helps you try to uncover what’s really going on in your stressed life, I’ve done my job. Just as the adaptogens in things like Mdrive Elite and Joint, and the protein in Mdrive Start help me overcome a lot of stress in my life right now.

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