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Do Cordyceps Give You Energy? How Beneficial Is It to The Body

Do Cordyceps Give You Energy? How Beneficial Is It to The Body

August 26, 2022


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The human body depends on plants, fungi, or animal nutrients to boost energy levels. However, there are instances when your energy needs can exceed the amount in reserve. In this instance, a quick fix like an energy drink or supplements can be helpful. One of those in consideration is using cordyceps supplements.

But do cordyceps give energy? Cordyceps can be used to help revive your energy levels quickly. It aids in your body producing adenosine triphosphate (ATP) molecules, facilitating energy delivery to the muscles. Cordyceps gained popularity in 1993 when Chinese athletes won several racing events and their coach attributed the success to the functional mushroom.

Read on and learn more about cordyceps uses and benefits to the body.

What Is Cordyceps Used For?

Cordyceps is a type of parasitic fungi found in caterpillars or on the larvae of insects. (Don't worry, it's safe for human consumption) It is mainly found in caterpillars in China's high mountain regions. It's used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to manufacture cordyceps mushroom supplements which help treat things such as low sex drive as well as many other functions of the kidney, liver and lungs. Some people use it as an atonic or stimulant to increase energy levels and reduce fatigue.

What Are the Most Common Cordyceps Mushroom Benefits?

Cordyceps mushrooms have various health benefits to the body. The most common benefits of cordyceps include:

Improve Exercise Performance

Taking cordyceps helps your body produce more ATP molecules, essential for energy delivery to the muscles. This, in turn, increases the oxygen intake and use in the body when exercising. According to a study, cordyceps supplements with cordyceps Militaris improve tolerance in individuals during high-intensity exercise.

Traditional Treatments For Healthy Cholesterol

Cordyceps supplements can also help maintain healthy cholesterol levels and a healthy weight. To facilitate weight loss, consider drinking water to suppress your appetite. Water will keep you hydrated, maintaining energy levels and reducing cravings.

Help With A Healthy Heart

Cordyceps has antioxidant benefits and the main compound, cordycepin in cordyceps mushroom, helps relax blood vessels. This may help maintain healthy blood circulation and blood pressure.

What Does Cordyceps Do for Your Body?

Cordyceps mushrooms help so many parts of your body, from supporting healthy cholesterol levels to aiding blood circulation as well as helping provide a better oxygen uptake during exercise. It's an incredible anti-aging ingredient.

Are Cordyceps Mushrooms Healthy to Eat?

Yes. The cordyceps mushrooms are a good source of beta-glucans and are great for the immune system. Eating cordyceps is also healthy as it provides vitamin B12 and contains high water content, which helps hydrate and rejuvenate the body.

But since it's hard to use cordyceps in raw form for cooking, it's advisable to use supplements such as our Mdrive products. Mdrive supplements feature cordyceps regularly and will help support your energy, strength, and drive.

How Much Cordyceps Should I Take?

This somewhat depends on the source and form of cordyceps you're taking. For example, the dosage for an extract of cordyceps versus the grounded down raw mushroom will yield varying recommendations of dosages.

Our recommendation, find a supplement brand you trust and stay within their recommendations. Check out Mdrive Elite, which contains 90 capsules featuring cordyceps and other powerful adaptogens to support energy and strength!


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