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Benefits Of Tai Chi You'll Wish You Knew Sooner

Tai Chi has benefits for both your mental health and physical health. Learn why it's great for everyone, especially older people.

Have you been told you need to move more, but your range of motion is trying to convince you otherwise? Do you wish you could exercise—or at least be more mobile—but you're afraid traditional exercises are too strenuous? Don't be discouraged. Consider Tai Chi.

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What Is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi, also known as Tai Chi Chuan, was initially created as a form of martial arts back in 13th-century China. Tai Chi has grown in popularity and is now taught globally as a health-supporting workout.

Tai Chi has been a favorite practice for centuries and involves a myriad of slow-flowing and purposeful movements, combined with relaxation and deep breathing. It has many benefits, including:

  • Improves cardio health
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Enhances immune health
  • Helps with maintaining a healthy weight
  • Decreases your risk for falls

Tai chi also has beneficial significance in the treatment and prevention of some health conditions, and is oftentimes characterized as "meditation in motion". The great news is that you can start your tai chi journey whenever you're ready, even if you're not in the best shape or health. How encouraging is that?

How Slow Movement Can Be Beneficial

Skeptical? You've likely seen someone practicing tai chi in motion, and sure, it does look as if they're barely moving. But they're actually getting fit and reaping the benefits of tai chi by practicing this slow-motion rhythm.

The gracious and fluid movements foster some impressive benefits. Tai Chi may assist you in achieving better physical and mental balance. And for beginners, a great option would be to couple it with a supplement like Mdrive Prime, which is for the man who's just getting started in getting his drive back.

Tai Chi Styles


Classified as the most popular style practiced globally. Yang is described as ongoing soft, slow, and circular body motions.


This style necessitates forward-facing feet with a squared stance.


This is a Northern Chinese style of martial arts. This style focuses on helping you align parts of your body; whereas, when one part moves, all parts will move.

Physical and Mental Benefits of Tai Chi

The gentleness of this form of exercise is proven to help with your flexibility, balance, and strength—and it’s gentle enough that it can be practiced throughout your life.

man practicing tai chi on a yoga mat

Mental Health

Tai Chi helps reduce stress and other conditions that affect mental health. According to studies, meditation exercises like tai chi can positively affect your psychological well-being.

Cognitive Enhancement

Tai Chi has been shown to support executive cognitive function, which includes your ability to make decisions and manage your time, as well as boosting your balance and fitness.

Improves Balance

In seniors, tai chi has been proven to enhance agility, flexibility, and balance.

Builds Strength

Shown to promote muscle strength, as well as the definition of your upper and lower body when practiced regularly. Consider coupling your routine with Mdrive Classic, which is engineered to support men's overall health and is our most complete formula.

Better Sleep

Tai Chi can help promote better sleep, according to one study. It can also encourage optimal sleep in healthy adults, as well as those with chronic conditions.

Supports Immune Health

A recent study showed that Tai Chi can strengthen your immune system by slightly increasing your immune cells.

Can Alleviate Pain

Research has shown that practicing tai chi twice weekly may assist with managing pain in people suffering physical conditions, like tense muscles and tendons.

Scientific Studies On Tai Chi

Several studies have been conducted on tai chi. Researchers discovered that it provides benefits for several health issues.

man smiling outdoors

Thinking Power

In one study, that consisted of 31 older adults. It was discovered that the participants, who practiced tai chi for three months, had an improved ability to alternate between tasks. They also showed more activity in the prefrontal cortex. However, the same could not be said for those who did not practice tai chi.

Mental Health Support

According to a study of 112 older adults living with significant mental health strain, it's shown that tai chi aids in improving negative mental health symptoms. In some instances, the group that practiced tai chi experienced reduced symptoms.

Risk of Fall

Falls can end badly, and in all too many instances a fall can be fatal, especially in seniors. It was also discovered in a meta-analysis that declared that those who participated in tai chi showed about a 50% fewer fall rate than those who didn't.

How Often To Practice Tai Chi

Tai chi can be practiced as much as you like. Keep in mind that the more you practice it, the faster you can learn the routine. And remember, speak with your health care provider prior to starting any exercise routine.

To boost your tai chi routine, consider checking out supplements. Mdrive is a daily supplement for the driven man, who's on a journey to gaining more strength, energy, and drive. It’s great to bolster any exercise routine—but more than that, Mdrive can become part of your lifestyle. Here are a couple of supplements to consider.

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