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7 Shaving Tips Every Man Should Know

7 Shaving Tips Every Man Should Know

October 21, 2022

Guys, it's time to change the way you think about shaving. While you may have followed the same shave routine since you were old enough to use a razor on your own, it's time to change things up and choose products that will help you get the best shave possible. Shaving isn't just about preventing the painful prick of stubble against your face; it's also about taking pride in how you look and making sure other people see you as the man you are now, not just as the boy you were years ago.

1) Do You Need to Shave Every Day?

You may have been told that you need to shave every day, but in reality, the frequency of shaving depends on your hair and skin type. For example, if your hair is curly and coarse, you'll probably need to shave more often than someone with wispy, thin hair. The same goes for people with dry or sensitive skin. You may find that you only need to shave every few days or weeks if you have this type of skin and hair. However, this will also depend on how fast your hair grows and how often you do activities such as swimming. It's important to know that excessive shaving will cause irritation and itching, leading to ingrown hairs and other skin problems like razor bumps or folliculitis.

2) Don't Use Cheap Razors

Cheap razors can cause skin irritation and even razor burn, leading to scabs and scarring. Plus, it's tough to shave with a dull blade. You'll spend more time than necessary trying to get the job done without nicks, cuts, or burns. A quality razor will cost you between $10 and $30, but they are worth every penny because they give you an incredibly close shave and last a lot longer.

There's no way around it: If you want a comfortable and clean shave, you need to use the right equipment.

3) Choosing the Right Razor

Choosing the right razor is a crucial decision to make in the shaving process. Depending on your skin type and desired outcome, there are a variety of razors that can help you achieve your desired look. Here are some tips for choosing the right razor:

  • If you have sensitive skin, look for razors with moisturizing strips or lotion bars that provide a smoother shave.
  • If you want to avoid nicks and cuts, use a single-blade razor. Double-edge safety razors are recommended for those who prefer a close shave. However, be aware that getting used to this type of razor may take longer than usual.
  • Single-blade disposable razors come in handy when traveling since they do not require any assembly or special care.
  • Electric razors are perfect for men who dislike manual shaving. They are also great if you want to shave off more hair quickly. Be sure to invest in an electric razor with replaceable blades so as not to clog up the machine or dull the blades too quickly. Take caution not to nick your skin while using an electric razor, as this could lead to infection.

While it may seem like you're saving time by skipping the blade part of the routine, remember that most people find manual shaving less time-consuming than going through all the steps associated with an electric shave. The best way to know what's right for you is by experimenting and seeing which one works best for you!

4) How Often Should I Change My Blades?

Shaving with a dull blade can irritate skin and make hair grow back thicker. The general rule is to change your blades every 7–14 days or when they start feeling dull. This will vary depending on the individual. If you shave daily, you may need to change your blades more frequently. If you're prone to ingrown hairs, try shaving less often or switching to a multi-blade razor like our 5 Blade Razor. It offers an additional blade that lifts hair up and away from the skin, so it doesn't get stuck in one spot as it grows back.

5) It's All in the Preparation

It's all in preparation. With some time and practice, you can make the shaving process more pleasant and effective.

  • First, start with a hot shower to open up your pores so they are ready for the shave.
  • Next, apply an oil or moisturizer to your skin to prepare it for the blade; this will help prevent razor burn and the redness that sometimes accompanies shaving.
  • Thirdly, don't forget to apply shave gel or cream; this will provide lubrication and help remove any excess hair from your skin, which leads to irritation in most cases.
  • Last, use a sharp blade to get the best shave possible; new blades tend to be sharper than old blades. If you're unsure how often is too often, check with your dermatologist!

6) Always Make Sure Your Skin Is Smooth before Shaving

When shaving, always make sure your skin is smooth before shaving. If you have ingrown hairs or stubble, they will cause razor burn, leading to irritation and infection. Clean the area before shaving with a soap-free cleanser that is pH balanced for the skin. Ensure you use a moisturizer afterward so your skin doesn't dry out from the shaving process. Consider using an aftershave that contains aloe vera if your skin is extra sensitive. After applying the aftershave, apply sunscreen as soon as possible because it protects against UV damage. Lastly, shave in the direction of hair growth to avoid irritating and cutting your skin.

7) Aftershaves Are Great but Not Always Necessary

Aftershaves are great, but not always necessary. If you have sensitive skin, a heavy-duty razor, or a lot of hair, you may need to use an aftershave to cleanse your pores and soothe your skin. However, if you have dry or sensitive skin, it's best to skip the aftershave and moisturize with a moisturizer that doesn't contain alcohol. Alcohol can be irritating to those types of skin. And finally, if you've been using a multi-blade razor, aftershave is rarely needed because these razors give such a close shave that your face should feel perfectly clean without any product!

Final Thoughts

Shaving is an essential everyday routine for men, but it's also easy to get wrong. This post offers seven shaving tips every man should know, from how to shave to shaving tips for men. Follow these simple shaving tips, and you'll always look your best!

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