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10 Healthy Energy Drink Alternatives to Boost Your Productivity

10 Healthy Energy Drink Alternatives to Boost Your Productivity

April 06, 2023

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By: Taylor Ford
Executive Editor


If you're someone who's always on the go and needs a quick energy boost, you've probably tried an energy drink at some point in your life.

But let's face it, most of the popular energy drinks on the market are packed with sugar, and artificial ingredients, and can be downright unhealthy.


We've done all the research from the standard Red Bull energy drink to the most popular healthy energy drinks on the market so you can decide for yourself.


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I'm not perfect, years ago I relied on having one energy drink a day, sometimes two! I figured the temporary energy and elevated performance at school or work were worth whatever the side effects that may come later.

Terrible idea. I became reliant, my stomach was a wreck, and I eventually cut them out all together.

Life is about balance, so if you absolutely need some type of pick-me-up, let's make sure it's a healthy energy drink. But before we get started, don't forget to stay hydrated and drink enough water.

These healthy energy drink alternatives beverages are specially formulated to provide you with a clean and sustained energy boost, without the negative side effects that come with traditional energy drinks.


What makes an energy drink a natural energy drink?

Healthy energy drinks should avoid artificial sweeteners, chemicals or artificial colors. Instead they should include organic, naturally derived ingredients like green tea, yerba mate, and botanicals. Healthy energy drinks use natural sweeteners like honey, and maple syrup, as well as organic fruit juices for flavor.

Health energy drinks should include some form of caffeine from:

  • green tea

  • yerba mate

  • guarana

As well as vitamins and minerals like

  • B Vitamins (B12)

  • magnesium

  • potassium

Energy Drink Ingredients to Avoid

In addition to excessive caffeine and sugar, some commonly consumed energy drinks include guarana - a seed which has four times the caffeine of the coffee plant.

Although it's highly potent, NCAA athletes should avoid guarana in energy drinks as they could fail drug tests.

Likewise sugar alternatives are used in many energy drinks as well. Fake sugar products like sucralose have no nutritional value and potentially have inflammatory effects.

Another important factor is the absence of harmful additives such as excessive sugar, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives.

Here are Healthy Energy Drink Replacements:




Celsius has been considered the industry leader since 2009 when it launched in Sweden. This energy drink is at the top of our list for caffeine, at 200 mgs. It contains natural ingredients like green tea extract, ginger, and guarana.

This one stands out in this category as it is It includes Vitamins B, C, as well as chromium and biotin. They recently made headlines for including citric acid while claiming no preservatives. 

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Runa Clean Energy



Runa made the list for popularity and a unique energy source: guayusa leaf. Guayusa leaf is found exclusively in Equator's Amazonian forests and provides energy from natural caffeine and antioxidants.  

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Hiball Energy

Hi-ball is incredibly popular and #2 on our list for highest caffeine at 160 mg. This energy drink is made with organic ingredients like guarana, ginseng, and caffeine from green tea. It is free from artificial flavors, sweeteners, and preservatives. You also get a bonus as Hi-ball includes Vitamin B.

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Guayaki Yerba Mate



I've included Yerba Mate here due to it's popularity and comparison purposes. With that being said, 120 calories with 27 grams of sugar makes this one stand out a bit. To be fair, it is organic cane sugar (Fair Trade too). 

It includes yerba mate, a plant native to South America that contains natural caffeine and antioxidants.

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Zevia Energy



From the makers of Zevia Soda, comes Zevia Zero Calorie Energy. Zero sugar, zero calories, and proudly makes a pledge to climate change efforts.This energy drink is made with natural caffeine from coffee extract. It also comes in a variety of flavors.

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Guru Organic Energy


guru organic healthy energy drink


Guru Organic Energy brings a new natural sweetener to the conversation, monk fruit. This energy drink is made with organic ingredients like green tea extract, guarana, and echinacea. 

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eboost super fuel healthy energy drink


Eboost Super Fuel may be the hidden gem on this list of healthy energy drink alternatives. This energy drink contains natural ingredients like green tea extract, vitamins, and minerals like many others.

Eboost has won awards like "Best New Energy Drink of 2021" and "Best Low Sugar Drink of 2021"

Beyond providing natural energy, Eboost is fortified with Vitamins B,C,D, nootropics as well as antioxidants. 

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Sambazon Amazon Energy


sambazon amazon healthy energy drink


Sambazon Amazon Energy This energy drink is made with organic ingredients like acai berries, guarana, and yerba mate. It also includes Vitamin C and antioxidants. 

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Proper Wild Clean Energy Shots


proper wild clean all day healthy energy


Changing the conversation from chilled drinks over to convenient energy shots, I've included Proper Wild Clean All Day Energy Shots. These energy shots are made with organic ingredients like green tea extract and ginger. They are free from artificial flavors, sweeteners, and preservatives, and come in convenient single-serving sizes.

An innovative addition to this formula is the inclusion of L-theanine alongside organic caffeine, claiming an increase in focus and energy without the jitters.

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Mdrive Start Protein: Elite Nutrition with Protein

mdrive start all in one protein plus energy

This is my favorite way to start the day: a nine-in-one performance shake with extended-release caffeine, collagen, a multivitamin blend, nitric oxide, digestive enzymes, and 22 grams of protein. Not to mention its absolutely delicious and if you do the math, cost effective.

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mdrive start comparison


In conclusion, if you're looking for a quick energy boost without the negative side effects of traditional energy drinks, healthy energy drinks are worth considering. Just make sure to read the labels and choose a brand that uses natural ingredients and is free from harmful additives. Remember, moderation is key when it comes to any kind of energy drink, so drink responsibly and stay energized! If you enjoyed this guide, you should check out our guide to healthy fast food options.


What is the healthiest caffeine drink?

Green teas provide healthy amounts of caffeine with the antioxidant flavonoids contained therein. Although caffeine content can change, a coffee cup has a caffeine content around 40 milligrams.

Is it OK if I drink energy drink everyday?

According to the Mayo Clinic, caffeine is generally considered safe. Healthy adults wishing to drink energy drinks should have no more than 1 can daily.

How many healthy energy drinks per day?

Aside from the ingredients, it's important to consider the serving size and frequency of consumption. While healthy energy drinks may be better for you than traditional options, consuming too much can still be detrimental to your health. As a general rule, it's recommended to limit consumption to one per day, and to choose a brand with a lower caffeine content if you're sensitive to it.

How to Increase Energy Levels Naturally

Energy drinks, even healthy energy drinks, are only a temporary fix. There are many natural ways to boost your energy throughout the day. Getting enough sleep at night can help you avoid fatigue during the day, exercising regularly and staying hydrated while eating a balanced diet will help, too.

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