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Mdrive Lean

Weight Loss Protein Powder

High Quality Protein Supports Muscle Growth & Recovery
Clinically Tested Ingredients to Help You Lose Weight
Rich Source of Essential Amino Acids
Can Help Satisfy Hunger - 100 Calories, 18g Protein per serving
    Why take Mdrive Lean every day?

    We get it. It’s easy for our weight to get out of control. Maybe it’s holiday season, a month of bad weather, or an injury. Whatever the reason, we want to help you get lean and healthier. That’s why we created Mdrive Lean, a great tasting protein-based supplement to help you lose those unwanted pounds. You can enjoy it on its own, or for best results, use with our #1 selling Mdrive Boost & Burn.

    Mdrive Lean is crafted with a high quality whey protein concentrate and a key blood orange extract, clinically tested to help control your weight and reduce fat accumulation. Imported from Italy, high in anthocyanins and flavonoids it can help block visceral fat accumulation, promoting weight loss while maintaining lean body mass. This is weight loss with real science behind it.

    Also, we know people occasionally skip meals when trying to lose weight. And although we do not recommend this, if you do, Mdrive Lean can help fill the void. This is not your typical diet product. It tastes so good, you might even mistake it for a dessert shake. Get lean. Drink your Mdrive.

    Great tasting natural blood orange chocolate flavor: Not too strong, not too sweet, can be mixed into smoothies and drinks without creating flavor conflicts.

    Mdrive Lean, just like all of our formulas, is backed by our 60 Day Guarantee - we know you will love it.


    "Mdrive Lean was an R&D project focused on reducing visceral fat along with weight management. The Lean formula was a very different approach than Boost & Burn. Together the two Mdrive formulas have a great synergy should you decide to use both. The Mdrive Lean formula is in a Protein base rather than a capsule for both the benefits of protein - muscle growth and recovery. It gives the Mdrive user an opportunity to use this formula in water or in a shake should they decide to skip a meal or cut calories."

    - Gary Kehoe, CEO and Inventor of Mdrive

    Mdrive inventor Gary Kehoe

    Jonathon "Coop" Cooper. Lab Manager. Chemistry wiz from pharmaceuticals to natural supplements. Hardcore weightlifter. Guitar playing boss.

    Gary Kehoe. Founder. CEO. Innovator. Inventor of Zicam and countless other innovative products that improve quality of life. Competitive bad ass.

    Cecile Kehoe. Chief Scientific Officer. Chemist Extraordinaire from Pepsi Cola and The Wrigley Company. Yoga and dance enthusiast.

    Syau-Fu Ma, M.D. Clinical advisor. Board-certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist. Motorcycle globetrotter. Skier. Quilter.

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