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Creating The Perfect Morning Routine

Creating The Perfect Morning Routine

October 24, 2022

An optimized morning leads to a productive day. Whatever lies ahead in your schedule, the tone is set in those first morning hours. The beauty of that is that you are in control.

There are only 24 hours in a day. You don’t need to spend 6 of them getting ready for the other 18. A few concrete pillars in your morning routine define what follows. No need to get fancy, just keep in mind your 4 nonnegotiables - wake, move, fuel, and care.

Wake - Start with a Bang

As the adage goes, “the early bird gets the worm.” And that’s true. There’s no point in delaying the inevitable, so get up early and go get the worm - whatever that may be for you.

We often hear that it is crucial to get at least 8 hours a night. However, this is not necessarily true. A study at Johns Hopkins reports that long but frequently interrupted sleep has a far worse impact on positive moods than shorter sleep durations that are more sound. In summary, it’s a quality-over-quantity situation.

To ensure you hit the ground running at the sound of your alarm, here are a few tips to follow:

    • Don’t snooze: Those extra 10 to 20 minutes of sleep between hitting the snooze button are doing you no favors. Put your phone across the room so you’re forced to get up to silence it. This simple act will shake the foggy feeling and help you wake up.
    • Don’t scroll: Upon waking, don’t numb your brain by scrolling through your Instagram feed or unread emails. Make your bed, splash some water on your face, or go make a cup of coffee. The first thing you do each day should be beneficial.
  • Have a purpose: Simply slinking through your morning routine doesn’t cut it. Start with a strong mindset or get inspired to create one. Listen to a podcast, read a chapter of a self-development book, or write out your schedule for the day. Be intentional with your actions first thing in the morning and the rest will follow.
  • Move - Establish Forward Momentum

    Whether you’re ready for a full-blown training session in the morning or not, moving in some form or fashion is key to preparing your body and mind for the day ahead. There are numerous benefits to stretching in the morning, including increased energy and mobility.

    Following a morning stretch routine is a simple way to get some movement in and it doesn’t have to take up much space in your schedule. Designate a space, crank your playlist, and focus on your movements. In no time at all, you’ll be feeling more optimized and ready for the day ahead.

    Fuel - Eat to Perform

    Protein, fat, carbs - all the makings of a complete and nutritious breakfast. Focusing on getting these macros into your meal can streamline your morning. Here are some simple breakfast ideas for a foolproof morning fuel:

  • Whole wheat toast with nut butter
  • Cottage cheese and berries
  • Oatmeal with protein powder
  • Poached eggs with whole wheat toast and low-fat cheese
  • You likely have these items in your fridge or pantry already, and if you don’t, these are good staples to keep on hand. Complexity does not always equal superiority, so keep it simple and standard. You’ll thank yourself later in the day when you feel balanced and energized. Mdrive Start Protein is another simple option, it has 7 clinically studied ingredients including a nitric oxide boost to get your body going in the morning.

    Some people have found success doing intermittent fasting, like 18:6. We have a complete guide below if you are interested:

    intermittent fasting schedule 18:6

    In addition to the food you eat, the supplements you take can aid in your ability to perform and live well. A multivitamin is a great place to start (our favorite here), and you can always add other supplements that align with your specific goals.

    Care - Strategic Self-Indulgence

    There is no shame in taking time to work on your appearance. You owe it to yourself to take pride in the way you look and put your best foot forward.

    After achieving so much in your morning already, now is the time to slow down for a brief moment. Take a hot shower (or a cold shower if you’re looking for those benefits), shave or shape up your facial hair, and consider implementing a skincare routine.

    Shuddering at the thought of skincare? Don’t. Wash and moisturize your face (ideally twice a day) and exfoliate twice a week to rid your face of dead skin and promote the production of collagen and good oils that improve your complexion.

    The way you present yourself outwardly represents the way you feel internally. Communicate with the world who you are without having to say a word.

    The Takeaway

    Being better starts with the way you wake up. No need to overcomplicate the perfect morning routine. Simply stick to these four cornerstones - wake, move, fuel, and care - and you’ll minimize chaos while maximizing productivity.

    Setting a specific goal? Contact Mdrive today and let us help you find the right fuel for your hustle.

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