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Maximizing Outdoor Workouts

Maximizing Outdoor Workouts

August 26, 2022

It's much easier to find the necessary motivation to get and stay active amidst the fresh air and sunshine found during summer. After all, it's hard to procrastinate about exercise when getting a good workout can be as easy as opening up your front door and going for a good, heart-pounding run.

Overall, the favorable summer weather conditions allow exercise enthusiasts to engage in a much wider range of activities than during the dreary days of winter. Still, summer workouts do present some unique challenges. In particular, it can be challenging to regulate one's desire for intense exercise in an environment that can easily lead to a case of heat stroke in the unprepared.

To this end, we've prepared some tips to help you not just exercise hard, but exercise smart during the warm weather season.

Prioritize Morning and Evening for Exercise

During the summer months, the sun rises early, and ideally, so should you. Getting a good outdoor workout in, before you start the rest of your day, is motivating for several reasons.

You're much more likely to achieve your fitness goals if your outdoor workout is consistently completed before you even begin your workday. The cooler morning temperatures also mean you're much less likely to get dehydrated during exercise. In addition, getting some heart-pumping cardio exercise before you begin a challenging workday will help you feel refreshed and alert throughout the day, and better able to cope with any stress that comes your way.

For those whose circumstances simply aren't conducive to morning exercise workouts, the next best option is an evening workout. Since the sun provides plenty of illumination during the early evening hours, exercising outdoors at 7, 8, or even 9 pm is very doable. Afterward, a relaxing shower, followed by some quality time with a spouse or significant other, can be a great way to wind down after a long day.

Keep Water on Hand and Then Some

Of course, an essential factor of outdoor workouts involves staying properly hydrated. Having enough water on hand (and then some) may require some additional planning. If you're playing a game of basketball with friends, it's not that difficult to bring along some extra water. If you prefer to run or walk for exercise, you may want to plan your route, so you can stop and take a drink at a public fountain or purchase some water at a local service station or food mart.

Consider a Cooler or Hydration Pack

For more challenging conditions such as hiking or biking in remote areas, a hydration pack can expand your ability to carry sufficient water. A hydration pack is essentially a backpack that holds water. Coolers are also very portable and are ideal to bring along for a challenging tennis or basketball game. Simply fill them with your favorite electrolyte drinks and ice, and you're ready to go.

Supplements To Help You Stay Hydrated

Propel makes a powdered version of their popular electrolyte drinks. Propel's balanced ratio of sodium and potassium in their electrolyte products offers great support for vigorous outdoor workouts.

If you know you can find sources of water along your exercise route, carrying a single-serving packet or two of their electrolyte powder, along with an empty water bottle, means you'll always have a quick source of essential electrolytes during your outdoor workouts.

Game-Changing Outdoor Workout Equipment

Exercising outdoors doesn't always mean selecting traditional modes of exercise such as running or biking. Great outdoor workout ideas can take your traditional workout up a notch or two by including cross-training forms of exercise, such as:

All of these options offer exercise products that are portable and lightweight. They're also as easy to use outdoors as they are in an indoor setting. Fitness enthusiasts are only as limited as their imagination when it comes to creating the perfect outdoor workout routine that challenges their endurance, agility, balance, and strength.

If you'd like to know more about Mdrive supplements for high-performance outdoor workouts, please get in touch.


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