Do Testosterone Supplements Work?

Testoserone supplements nothing but snake oil?

Fact: Men lose a minimum of 1% of testosterone per year after age 25.

Imagine this, if you’re 35, 40, even 50 years old, where are your testosterone levels at now?

Shocking right?

Here’s what is even more frightening. The statistic above doesn’t account for diet, lifestyle and environmental issues lowering your testosterone levels — it’s only reflecting a natural decline.

So what’s the real damage?

The three weapons you can use in your testosterone battle.

There are three things you can use to combat the loss of testosterone crisis:

  • Steroids
  • Testosterone injections
  • Testosterone supplements

Steroids can be dangerous because of the laundry list of potential side effects: Heart failure, diabetes, weight gain and cancers to name a few.

Testosterone injections are the second alternative some men turn to, but even these have horrifying consequences and are very expensive.

Side effects of testosterone injections can be enlarged prostate, male breasts, shrinking of testicles and even heart attack.

Testosterone supplements are by far the choice among men wanting to increase testosterone — BUT HERE IS WHERE THE PROBLEM LIES.

Which herbs, shrubs or bugs work like magic?

There are a hundred things on this planet men have been, eating, drinking and smoking to increase testosterone levels — the testosterone loss problem has existed since man first walked on this giant rock.

There are literally a hundred products that companies are trying to sell you, each one making a BIGGER claim than the next.

The funny thing is most of these products are still created using the same mythical nonsense men have been telling each other for generations.

Did you ever see the movie Apocalypto?

Remember when the leader tells the youngster to rub the powder on his genitals to help him sexually — the powder turns out to be some kind of pepper, burning the young man till he shrieked like a girl, jumping all around before running to a trough of water where he could sit and cool off his testicles.

He was the joke of the tribe right?

This is the same thing happening with most supplements.

What you really want to know is if you spend $50.00 on a testosterone product, is this thing going to deliver results?

Let me be up front with you. We create, manufacture and sell one of the leading testosterone supplements and we’ve been doing it for many years.

Here is the truth.

You can take 90% of all products you see for sale and throw them away. They will not work, YOU’D BE WASTING YOUR MONEY — Guaranteed.

If I had one dollar for every product I’ve seen come on the market since we’ve been helping men with Mdrive, I’d have $100.

If I had another dollar for every product that disappeared as fast as it came on the market — I’d almost have another $100.

What you really have is a tiny number of products all having one thing in common.

  • Scientifically grown herbs that are clinically proven to increase free testosterone levels in laboratory experiments.

…and there are very-very few of those because they’re not cheap.

Testofenâ„¢ brand fenugreek is one of the only herbs available TODAY, clinically shown to increase free testosterone in double blind placebo studies.

A double blind study is where 50% of the patients are given a sugar pill and the other 50% are given the testosterone supplement. The thing is — neither the patients nor the people giving the test know which pill is which.

This type of experiment can be the most accurate because there is no bias by the administrators.

Out of the men participating in this laboratory study — 98% of the men taking the testosterone supplement showed an increase in free testosterone.

Here is the study:: TESTOFENStudy (pdf)

List of products that contain Testofenâ„¢ in their formula.

If you’re looking to purchase a testosterone supplement, we’ve put together a list of the top supplements we’d recommend.

While I’m sure you can appreciate we’re partial to Mdrive, the fact is — you will notice Mdrive gives you more bang for the buck when you compare the ingredients in each product.

Top 5 Testosterone Supplements